Hi! I’m Elizabeth

How I started

I first started on Instagram in 2017 as an artistic outlet as I stayed at home with my babies! I quickly became fascinated with the nerdier side of things and started listening to hours of podcasts, reading thousands of pages of forums, taking courses from experts in the field, and A/B testing like crazy!

How did you get started

Why Clients?

I was so excited about the things I was learning I kept trying to talk to my friends about it… I only had one who was interested, and I walked her though how to grow her feed, how to pivot, and what to tweak. But pretty soon she had done what she wanted, and left behind what was too much. I loved that process so much, I wanted to keep doing it, so she suggested I start teaching small business and entrepreneurs the things I had learned and loved.

Most of what I teach you could find for yourself somewhere on the internet. What I offer is 4 years of experience, and a friendly face in-person to walk you through what you HAVE to know vs what is extras or myths.

why i’m right for you:

  • I only meet in person! I am not the kind of person looking to create an e-course or generically throw out information. I love people and want to sit down and talk you through a topic I DEARLY love!
  • I’m local, so I know our city’s culture and try to keep in touch with other women doing awesome things in our city!
  • I really want our city to be a better place to live! If you’re doing amazing work, I want to be a part of that. If your doing something cool but your budget is a little smaller, please, message anyway.
  • You’ll have my ear, so if you get stuck again after we talk, you can send me a message and I know I’m the person on the other end who is answering.