What Will I Learn?

I’m not going to get you vanity metrics. If you want those, we all know where to buy them in the internet. What I do is walk you through how to find your right people. The ones that will love what you put out there, and will buy what you’re selling!

Instagram doesn’t have a really great search engine. It’s getting better, but there are some things you can do to make sure when people are searching, you come up first!!

There are ways of writing captions, and creating content that encourage people to talk to you, and ways that shut a conversation down! I’ll walk you through step by step how to get people talking, which in turn bumps your post in the algorithm!

The answer is YES! I’ll give you the tools to help your odds of being seen in reels to grow! It’s hard to try new things, but doing what Instagram prioritizes is always going to play off! If you’re just starting out this is going to be gold for you!

People decide if they are going to follow you in 7 seconds!!! That right 7!!! You have to make sure your messaging is REALLLY clear from the beginning. I’ll help you get your key words, and craft a bio that attracts your right people.

You’re hardly getting likes, you ask a question and no one replies. I get it, it’s awkward! Should you join a pod? The short answer is always No, but I’ll tell you in our meeting what to do instead!

I guess you could… but there are some really important things to consider before doing that. Seriously, REALLY important info!

To hashtag, or not to hashtag, this is the question!

How this is Different from an Online Course!

– All advise is customized you your niche!
– I help you find your right people. That isn’t general.
– Everyone struggles with different issues. You may not need to spend time on something someone else is struggling with.
– I’ll teach you how to specifically hashtag research.
– You get to ask all your questions and have it answered in real time.
– I can take your phone, you can take mine and we walk through every step together.
– We will create a customized growth schedule.
– I get to tell you what you’ve already done that’s amazing.
– If something isn’t working, you have someone to contact with your issues.

+ so much more!

Have questions before purchasing?