The information on this page will tell you everything you need to know for us to do Bible study Together!

Get Started

Have you ever looked at Bible studies your friends were doing and thought, “I wish I could dig deeply into the Bible, but I don’t have time?”

Maybe you tried to do Bible studies in the past but got bogged down because you felt “behind” or you never finished.

Sunshine in My Nest “minis” will help. Each week is a stand-alone verse that you study in a traditional inductive format. The lessons come with:

  • Mini Devotional
  • Classic Hope Card Format
  • One Page Bible Study
  • 5 Dig in or Apply Questions
  • Audio Reading
  • Podcast Episode That is on Theme
  • Quote From a Hymn
  • Questions to Create Your Community

You can use all of these or pick and choose what serves you best for your stage of life. If all you want is the meditation verse/card please print and use it! The Word of God never returns void and he can use one verse powerfully! 

Here is How to Join the Bible Study!

Step One

Subscribe to “Sunshine in My Nest Podcast”

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Step Two

Subscribe to the email to have every lesson emailed directly to you.

Step three

Print your cards and lesson each week. Hang that week’s card in an obvious place. Try to work through the questions before you listen or read the lesson.

Step four

Listen to the episode or read the lesson and then meditate the rest of the week on what that means for you.

These tools will help you be equipped to study, understand, and enjoy the bible without the guilt of falling behind. I hope you will invite another woman to join you on the journey to know and love God even more.