• Communication Numbers – Personal


    As I talked and interviewed hundreds of women on my Instagram, I started hearing a theme. Many of you are not able to receive help from your husbands. Your husbands travel for work; are doing manual labor and are depleted themselves when they come home; or some are just unwilling to help. My heart went out to these women, who really have to rely on themselves to make their own days better. But in the course of the conversation, I figured out a solution. I asked what each of you to encourage yourselves, and lift yourselves up on a bad day.

    This second chart is for the days where you have to take your own life in hand and make things better for yourselves. These charts are best both used together, but if you can only use this one, you’re the reason I put the time in to make this.

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  • Hope Cards


    This is a set of meditation cards to help you focus on truth. Some days it’s impossible to read more than one verse, so I’ve picked 9 verses to bring hope and comfort on the long days of rocking and nursing. Each set of cards also comes with a cover card and two blank cards to write a couple of your own favorite verses and prayers.

    These verses have provided so much comfort for me, and I hope they will provide comfort for you too!

  • Sale!

    Social Media Workbook


    Are you someone who wants to start a small business, an author who’s been told you can’t publish until you grow a following, or someone who wants to start a ministry with an online presence! This tool will give you a map to get you where you want to go!

    I created this workbook to go through with my clients when we sat down to talk in person. I noticed they were trying to take notes, and remember, but we cover so much information it was hard.

    What I ended up creating was this 28-page workbook with all the info I teach in classes, then spaces to fill it out yourself. This is the perfect thing for self-starters who don’t want to pay for a consultation or to use it in conjunction with our sit-down consultation.

  • Spouses Communication Numbers


    The Communication Numbers Chart is there to help you figure out what could be helpful when help is offered. Just look at the list of feeling words, and the descriptions of the body feeling that goes with it. Then, in the third row you will find a list of things that could be helpful. Better yet, make a copy for your partner, then ask them instead of asking, “How are you doing?” ask “What number are you at.” This will give them the idea of what is going on in your body and mind with out having to try to find the right words.

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