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When we look for the sunshine in our nests, gratefulness happens!

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the Mama
I’m so happy you’re here

The conversations I start here are the same things that I chat over more cups of tea or coffee with friends. I have been gifted with the sweetest group of mother friends that inspire me to be a more involved, and yet more hands-off parent. They encourage me to read to my boys more, have the TV on less, spend more time outside, and create a home full of love and compassion.

Most days you can find elbows deep in nature, a craft project, or homeschool lesson. I likely have a podcast or audiobook going. On the days I get lucky, I head out to tend our raised garden beds. The boys trim the many flowering bushes that I have planted in an effort to create a garden for us all to enjoy.

Why i write

life can feel lonely

Mothering isn’t easy and can feel lonely. Intentionally creating a space for love and kindness is difficult. I hope the stories you read here can help you gain a sense of belonging. I don’t try to pretend that all my life is perfect, but my goal has been to seek the Sunshine in my Nest.

I wish I could hand you this cup of coffee as you begin to click through these links, or that we could have all these conversations in person. Until that happens, let’s enjoy one another in this space. As you read, if you have ideas I would love to hear your thoughts and wisdom too!

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Choral singing

I’D SPEND my whole paycheck on

plants & books

COFFEE order

mocha at every location to see who does it best!


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any and all historical fiction

our gang

The all-boy crew


the inspector

Keaton brings learning and curiosity to our family. You can always find him studying a bug or reading a book somewhere.


our trailblazer

Cedric has an artist’s heart and loves to color and write. He doesn’t let hard things bring him down, but plows them all down!


Baby Rolly polly

wants to be in the middle of everything. He thinks he’s a big boy until it gets too loud, then he wants mom!

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