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If you came to my home first I’d make you a latte. We would share what we’ve been learning with each other and would leave refreshed. That’s what I want for this digital home too. You’ll have to make the coffee. But I hope the conversations and encouragement will be the same!

Resources to help you Elevate Motherhood

Sound Familiar?

  • You want to enjoy the little moments with your family, but you’re just so tired.

  • You’re worried you aren’t doing enough to lay a foundation of faith for your kids.

  • You’re putting so much effort into helping your kids learn, but you need some new ideas.

If you’re feeling discouraged and feeling unseen, I hope you can find encouragement here!


Do you feel stuck wishing for change?

Being a mom is hard, and maybe you don’t have time to make yourself beautiful printables. I hope that some of the work I’ve done for our home is able to serve you well also.



Top 2% Podcast

Do you wish for a wise mentor?

I created this podcast where I interview some of the most grace-filled, and gospel-centered women that I know. I pray our conversations will make you feel less alone while you run errands, or prepare dinner!

Most Helpful

I love gathering and passing on good ideas!

Everything from postpartum wrapping to communicating better with your school-aged kids. I pass on what I’ve learned from hours of parenting, listening to podcasts, reading books; conversations with local friends, and the thousands of moms who message.


meet elizabeth


If you care deeply about creating beauty, reading books, gently parenting, or gardening you’ll fit right in.

I’m raising three little boys in Oklahoma City. I grew up in the country, and still, get confused about how this is done. So I head out to my little raised beds to dig in the dirt and head to the wooded areas in our city as much as possible!

We have chosen to homeschool. My hope is to provide them with a grace-filled childhood. So many times people choose to homeschool from fear, but my decision was created from a desire to provide as much beauty as their hearts can hold.

Not every moment is beautiful, but when we focus on the sunshine in our nests, gratefulness happens.

Walking together


Are you homeschooling?

My husband and I both grew up being homeschooled and now we homeschool our boys. We hope to use this experience to help you with the responsibility God gave you! Here are our best ideas.

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