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Elizabeth Santelmann is a writer and host of the highly rated Sunshine in My Nest Podcast. She is a homeschool mom who lives in her husband’s home state of Oklahoma. She loves gardening and is a prolific reader. Her hope is to share what she is learning to equip the church with accessible resources for deep spiritual growth. You can find more of her work at @sunshineinmynest on Instagram, and on her blog!

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Jess LeeAnneEncouragement for my Mama heart

Elizabeth feels like a friend I haven’t met. She is so pure and genuine in her desire to support moms. I have been so encouraged by following her on Instagram and feel doubly-blessed to be able to listen to her interviews on her podcast. The lineup of her guests is truly impressive. I enjoy that her podcasts are brief but deep, perfect for busy moms. Elizabeth, you have blessed me so much! I look forward to hearing more 🙂

MooJuicdMav – Great for Moms

Elizabeth reviews, reads, and talks about all sorts of topics I’d love to dive into but not sure if I have the time! The bite size (but not so short that I’m left wanting way more) format has helped me to know which books and resources I want to look into further, and I’ve found myself buying a book right away or clicking follow on a guest more than once! Elisabeth is also a great follow on social media which really enhances the pod!

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How to Extend Digital Hospitality to Others on a Self-Focused Platform

Elizabeth logs onto social media asking what she can give, rather than what she can get. She enters with a hospitality frame of mind—her desire to see and serve the women on the other side of the screen. She wants them to receive the levity of grace, the freedom of the gospel, the genuine good life in Christ from her squares. She wants women to visit her profile and see compassion, beauty, and true life in Jesus.

Imperfect Community and Growing in Grace

A beautiful conversation about community. They talk about how we understand God’s grace for ourselves so we can extend real grace to others in our community who are going through struggles or travailing for holiness. Finally, how do we recover when we feel let down or disappointed by a community we may have put our faith or identity in. 

Having A Long Range Vision of Homeschooling And What Matters 

So often, parents jump into homeschooling and are hyper focused on the here and now. And that is completely understandable because this is a whole new way of life and education. We want to take a step back and look at the long-term vision of homeschooling.

Planning for the Year Ahead 

Are you ready to get planning for 2022? Maybe you are like my guest today who has already done all her 2022 planning, or maybe you are like me and you’ve done zero planning yet 😅 Either way, you are going to love this interview with Elizabeth Santelmann from A Sunshine in My Nest. Listen in!

On Limits in Parenting + Platforms

In this conversation, Ashley talks with Elizabeth Santelmann about limits in our lives: from our past, in our parenting, and online. It’s a great conversation on character, wisdom, and not doing it all.

Embracing Your Birth Year with Elizabeth Santelmann

We live in a “bounce back” culture when it comes to the postpartum season. This often leaves mamas struggling physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What if we allowed ourselves the grace and freedom to slow down during this beautiful time and embrace a birth year? It took 9 months to grow a little human. What if we gave ourselves 9 months to transition into acclimating our baby into life?


Faithfulness In Our Everyday

I know that when they look back on their childhood, they will see God’s hand at work despite my days of imperfection. I pray that they will never remember a time when their little hearts did not know how much they needed His work on the cross in their lives. That one day it will all come crashing home into their soul, not because of anything I have done, but because they have seen His faithfulness in our everyday. 

Where Can We Find Rest for Our Souls?

It is because Jesus is the God who has all authority that you are invited to rest. It is because he can do mighty deeds that you have a light yoke. It is because he is gentle and lowly in heart that our souls can be at ease.

Preschool Tips For Homeschool Beginners

So, you have a preschooler! Now what? I frequently see moms rushing into formal education and pressing their kids into a curriculum. Other moms worry they aren’t doing enough and enroll their preschoolers in a formal class or mother’s day out program. You may not realize there is a way to slowly get your preschooler ready without those potentially stressful options.

Practical Tips to Build Community

I receive many messages on Instagram from moms everywhere longing for friendship. From moms who feel lonely. From moms who long for connection with others. Why does community seem so hard and overwhelming to find as adults? Why is there not more practical advice on how we can build adult relationships?