Around the Ancient World – Cycle 1

Lesson plans for literature-based family-style curriculum for elementary students. Built to include stories of ancient history from around the globe for families of first through sixth graders.

Family Style Learning

Homeschool isn’t classroom learning at home – it’s a global connection of discovery.”

what is included

-How it works-

What’s Included?

Each week covers connected topics to explore ideas in the same categories but without the 5-day format. This allows you to have a day for co-op, two days for blended model, or a day to catch up.

  • 36 weekly layouts
  • 108 Daily lesson layouts
  • Monthly supply lists
  • Monthly book lists that should be easily sourced at the library or YouTube
  • Printable art booklet
  • Printable maps for lessons

Global Focus

Many cycle curriculums I see claim to be global, but tend to slide back and focus on Western Europe or don’t stay ancient. I’ve tried to spend equal time on the different continents all history picture books are from BC/BCE.

Nearly every selection, not from my culture was cross-checked in the Stories of Color database! If we find anything that’s a problem during the year I will flag it in the private Facebook group. (Stories of Color also will receive a percentage of each sale)

Where we will be

Two months of each school year are taken to look at the ancient history and culture of 4 of the major contents.

  • Africa
  • Asia *with an aside month on Mesopotamia
  • Europe
  • Americas

**There is less focus on the Americas this year so we can appropriately give attention and time to other areas. I plan to spend more time there with our family next year and hope to make that available to you too!

Pre-order Viewing

Sample Pages

Each week, subjects included for Around the Ancient World are Bible, Literature, Poetry, History, Science, Geography, Copywork, Art, Handicraft, Nature Study, and Spelling.

Also, each day has a toddler time picture book to read, and an activity to develop a relationship with your toddler, or to keep your toddler busy while you’re working with your other children.

Book Lists

If your child is in preschool or kindergarten, you can sign up here to be put on the “Toddler Time” waiting list!


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