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This Monthly Homeschool Planner Workbook is EXACTLY what I needed in my life. I love setting goals, journaling, and habit trackers. I made it for myself because I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere else. My favorite questions were carefully selected and then I adjusted them to be homeschool-based. Once finished I had put so much work into it I decided to see if it would serve someone else as well. 

The goal of this Homeschool workbook is to help you figure out what you want to do as you homeschool, why you want to do those exact things, and what will take to get there. You can’t reach your goals if you don’t know what they are.

If you approach your homeschooling with the attitude that all you have to do is throw spaghetti at the wall and wait for something to stick you’re going to be wasting your time and energy.

You don’t have to use all the pages, even if you’ve purchased the book and taken the time to print it. Use the ones that serve you, and let go of the ones that don’t. Being intentional in homeschooling doesn’t come by accident. It requires intentional thought and hard work.

A note if this is your first year

If you’re in your first year or two of homeschooling and doing all the subjects may seem overwhelming. I recommend starting with one thing that you do every day! I usually start with reading lessons. We do all the other subjects often, but that’s the one I commit to. You will find a monthly tracker for this purpose in the monthly pages.

Hopefully, by the time you’re done working through the Homeschool Planner Workbook, you will know exactly where to spend your time and effort to see steady progress. Remember the work isn’t just for the sake of a grade, but for the heart of your children as well!!

Printing Notes

This product has the months of the school year (August-May) written on it. It is designed for printing as a whole. You can send this to a printer and have it bound and it should have everything you need. If you want a version for year round school, check out the Homeschool Planner Workbook



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