• Homeschool Mentor Chat – 1 Hour


    A lot of us wish for a homeschool mentor when we are beginning. There are so many choices that we don’t know where to start! I remember crying to my mom when I was beginning, “I wish there was just one choice so I would KNOW what to do.”

    If you’ve watched how I homeschool online and just wish we could sit and chat for an hour about your homeschool, your kids, and how it’s going this is the space for it.

    I’m not going to expose you to everything in this call, but rather chat the way I do with my little sister. I will listen to your problems and give you pointers and things to try. We can do this as a big sister telephone call or on zoom whichever feels better to you.

    A homeschool mentor call will be right for you if…

    If this feels out of reach for you price wise I’ve linked all kinds of information to help you get started for free.