How Can Love Like This Exist?

I listened as daddy finished brushing teeth and story time. It was the the delicate time of the night to sneak Keaton into the bedroom to join you. The door slid open with out a sound and I could hear daddy wrapping blankets and giving final kisses. Without warning the whole room erupted in a siren duet.

I rushed the direction of the bedroom to see daddy tossing his hands in the air. He had been scooping wood chips all day and was exhausted. I quietly crossed the room and took you in my arms. This past week you have allowed me the privilege of rocking you to sleep. I thought those days were past us, but you collapsed into my shoulder and stared at me with quarter size grey eyes. I started a random tune that had the line “I was nothing before you found me”. It started me thinking about my life before you. My empty arms, longing heart, and worries for my future.

I settled my nose into your hair and breathed in you. Suddenly peeping over the of the curve of the toddler bed there were brown eyes staring at me full of love. My heart swelled even as I gestured for him to lay back down. He will never know just how much I loved seeing him in that moment.

Your eyes slowly started to drift closed, and I sighed and pulled you closer. Your sweat was turning your downy curls to sticky tendrils. I don’t know what we will do with you this summer, when it becomes unbearable to wrap you in the huge blanket you love.

It is unbelievable that one woman could be granted such joy. It is even more unimaginable that women all over the globe are being gifted with these moments every day. Every time a crisis occurs we hear cries of “If there was a God how can things like this happen”. Yet in much higher volume there should be daily cries of the sweet moments, “If there is not a God, how can love such as this exist.”

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