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As I talked and interviewed hundreds of women on my Instagram, I started hearing a theme. Many of you are not able to receive help from your husbands. Your husbands travel for work; are doing manual labor and are depleted themselves when they come home; or some are just unwilling to help. My heart went out to these women, who really have to rely on themselves to make their own days better. But in the course of the conversation, I figured out a solution. I asked what each of you to encourage yourselves, and lift yourselves up on a bad day.

This second chart is for the days where you have to take your own life in hand and make things better for yourselves. These charts are best both used together, but if you can only use this one, you’re the reason I put the time in to make this.

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The “Personal Communication Numbers Tool” is to identify where youre at emotionally and to take practical steps toward better mental health. You may not always have a partner or friends that can step in and save the day for you. But what do you do if you still need help?

Inspired by THIS POST I surveyed 100s of moms to put together this list of mood boosters, ways to cut corners, and ideas to help move things in the right direction!

The advice “light a candle”, or “take a bath” doesn’t work for everyone. Your order may look different from mine. I’m including a blank sheet in this packet for you to write down your own communication numbers customized to you!

If you have a partner that wants to help I have a guide for you to communicate with each other too!


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