We Danced in the Rain

We danced in a warm autumn rain October six years ago. The world was aflame with color and the season was on the cusp of change. We couldn’t help but anticipate a life time of love before us. Funny how you can know someone for such a brief amount of time, but know deeply and surely that your lives once touched will never look the same again.

Somewhere between the misshapen gazebo and the patch of wild sunflowers we stopped. As the rain trailed down his face and dropped onto his shoulders he got on one knee. My whole head buzzed like I had been pulled under water. As much as I tried to hang on to his every word, they seemed to be sunbeams dancing away from the grasp of my mind. Vaguely I remember him saying that he knew he could never make me rich, but he promised that I would never want for a friend.

We still walk hand in hand, his promise that I wouldn’t want for companionship has been true. He is the sweetest most faithful partner in life. Little could have we anticipated the way love grows deeper, richer, and somehow more comfortable with time. I supposed it is what everyone older than us said when we were too star eyed to be listening.


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