A Quick Note at Bedtime

My dearest boys,

I am writing you a quick note at bedtime. Evening Peace is ushered in, it is the turning of another page that I have left a mark upon. You have requested “one more kiss”, and drinks and stories are finished. Today has been one more page that leads me through the beauty of another chapter in your little lives. These chapters that mark the beginning of your story! I am reminded that all this energy I’m exerting is to write beautiful things on each of these foundation pages. To build a beautiful opening for you to write your stories upon. To build in grace and gospel to the very warp and woof of your lives. My dream is that this all becomes so core to you that they continue to build upon it from habit. That you will turn to your Maker all the days of your life. My greatest hope and prayer is that you will turn to others to generously spread the love that has been lavished on you!

Your Tired Mama


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