Why I use a Capsule Wardrobe

Someone asked me during a LIVE video why I chose to Capsule Wardrobe and if it was to save money. I didn’t have a very clear answer at the time, because stating that I do it to save money seemed a bit too simplistic for a resounding “yes”.

Plus, check out these posts on what exactly is a Capsule Wardrobe and how I do it!

1. I Capsule Wardrobe to learn contentment

Before I started to work toward owning less, I would look in my closet and feel like I had nothing to wear. Every time I went shopping, I wanted to buy more clothing. When I brought those things home, I only wore them a couple of times before I wanted more again.

I was challenged 4 years ago to go a year without buying any new clothing. It seemed crazy until I thought about how people used to live like that all the time. I tried it, if I wore something out I could replace it, but only by buying something used. It was life-changing. I started thinking about my clothes differently and was way more particular about replacing clothing items that I wore out that year.

I truly believe there are many joys of intentionally living with less and that gentle minimalism can be a blessing in your life.

These questions help me think about why I want to buy something: 

  • Would I have said I needed it before I knew it was here?
  • Do I already own something similar?
  • Can I leave it here and come back to buy it tomorrow?

2. I Capsule Wardrobe to prevent waste.

Culturally we live disposable lifestyles. Americans are throwing away 26 billion pounds of textiles each year. I desire to fight this mentality of waste in my life. Before I started using a capsule wardrobe I would buy something and only wear it a couple of times before deciding I didn’t like it, or it didn’t fit right. Most of the things I was disposing of I had hardly worn. When I am pickier about what I bring into my closet, I throw out less. The last 3 pairs of jeans I’ve thrown away were tossed because they had hole worn in the thighs (no thigh gap here).

These questions help me decide if I am being wasteful: 

  • Can I buy this item used or wait for a sale?
  • Do I have something in my closet that would work just as well?
  • How many uses will I get out of it (both the number of wears and mix-and-match options)?

3. I Capsule Wardrobe to make dressing easy.

When I only have in my closet what is seasonal, I love, and what fits it is so easy to get dressed! I hang everything onto 25 velvet hangers and everything fits in the closet with LOTS of room to spare. There is no digging through to see what I should wear, everything in my closet can be grabbed and worn. Everything is clean, nothing has holes, and everything fits me exactly as it should. It feels like I’m dressing from a boutique every morning.

I also limit my choices to clothing that reflects my lifestyle. The hardest phase of dressing for me was when I switched from an office job to being a full-time mom. The clothes I wore at work were not practical for my new job. Phasing out old lifestyle clothing and bringing in clothes that worked for my new life took a while, but I’m glad I switched.

These questions help me decide if I am being organized: 

  • Can I wear everything in my closet with the way the weather is right now?
  • Does my clothing reflect my lifestyle?
  • Is everything in my closet in good condition?

4. I Capsule Wardrobe to save money.

Saving money should probably be a subheading under minimizing waste, but I decided to give it one all of its own. When I choose not to spend money on clothing I don’t need, I have more money to buy things we need. I’ve chosen to live this way so we can live debt-free, and pay off our house faster too!

(Check out this post on how we live on one income).

Most of the things I buy are less than 1/10 the original price and are also hardly worn. Shopping second-hand keeps that item from hitting the landfill and me from wasting additional money on the same item. Also not going places designed to make you want to buy things is a bonus. Mall stores are designed to make you want to buy things. I do splurge on jeans because I have yet to find a pair at a thrift store that someone hasn’t shrunk in the dryer.

These questions help me decide if I am spending money wisely: 

  • Do I have the money for this RIGHT NOW?
  • Do I want this more than I want (new carpet, a remodeled kitchen, a bedspread, etc)?

Would you like to use a capsule wardrobe?

Check out my Pantry Inventory printable if you are looking for more ways to live intentionally!

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  1. Elizabeth, wow this post opened up my eyes to a lot of things! I always assumed people who did a capsule wardrobe just weren’t into shopping or fashion, but boy was I wrong! And I have NEVER even thought about the fact that buying stuff over and over again is wasteful to the planet. Hmmm…I may actually consider this now! I think my husband would be elated!

  2. I need to get serious about doing this! I have thought about it so many times before but talk myself into “I might wear it sometime”. Thanks for the inspiration to get back in the saddle!