Day 3 – Real Life Capsule Wardrobes

Congratulations! You’ve decided what you love. Recognized what doesn’t work for you. You cleared out all your clothes from the closet. Separated clothes based on warm and cold weather. Everything that was the wrong season is boxed up and put away. Now you’re ready to decide what goes back in the closet! Don’t worry I’m keeping this as a real life capsule, not a Pinterest dream

Perfect World vs. Real Life Capsule Wardrobes

It would be lovely if we all had the budget to throw out what we own and buy a perfect mix and match closet, however, most of us don’t live that kind of life, so this is a real life capsule. This is what I’m guessing your real life capsule will look like. Most of you still have more than 15 tops left after the purge. Start with those initial 5 pieces you loved, and keep adding pieces that create the most variety with what you have. Try to balance fabric types and sleeve lengths. Various washes of jeans, and skirts if you like those.

Real Life Capsule Wardrobe

Items to Aim for in your Capsule Wardrobe

I always include a couple more dresses than what most capsules allow, because I adore them for everyday use, especially in the hot Oklahoma summers!! So don’t view this as a rigid arrangement, but one that works for you. However, you slice it though try to keep it limited to 25 hanging items and live with that for 30 days. This will really help you strengthen your mix and match muscles and will give you a really great idea at what you NEED for the future.

Shopping for Real Life Capsules

If there is a difference between what you have and what you need, that’s okay, write it down. Wait to go shopping you’ll have a better idea of what you really need when it finally is time to go shopping.

When I did my first capsule I realized I had 95% tops and hardly any bottoms. The two pair of jeans I loved were the exact same cut and wash, so they provided zero variety. I only had black skirts, and hardly any variety of bottoms.

(Read more about my choice to live with less, how we endeavor to live on a single income, and find my favorite minimalist gift guides for holidays and birthdays! )

One to buy for your Real Life Capsule

If you think your struggle is going to be limiting yourself to 25 items, try buying this pack of hangers. Knowing you only get as many pieces as what you can hang was game-changing for me!!!

Congratulate yourself on your Progress!!! You’re doing GREAT!!

If you have a road trip coming up you may enjoy this printable for the best road trip essentials!

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