Day 1 – Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

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Welcome to the capsule wardrobe challenge. Over the next five days, we are going to overhaul your closet and give you a place that makes you happy to get dressed each day, and easy to find things to wear!! Don’t stress about the details, go with your gut, and prepare to learn from each step!

Grab your favorite 5 items

What is it about these pieces that make you go back to them again and again? Are they comfortable? Did you pay a lot for them? Do they have similar prints or shapes? Is it tight or loose? We tend to grab from our closet what makes us feel good. That is going to look and feel different for each person! See if you can put a finger on what it is that makes these pieces shine to your eye

Grab 5 Things you Haven’t worn for 6 Months

The next step of the capsule wardrobe challenge is to choose five things you haven’t worn for 6 months. We all have them hiding in our closets. These are the things we may have paid a lot of money for, or something we thought we would love, but actually hate. You may even try to tell yourself to wear it, but you just don’t. I had a striped dress like this. After I bought it wore it twice and then passed over it every time after. It made me feel like I had a Santa tummy in it, even though I knew it wasn’t true. I tried to talk myself into wearing it, but it just ended up sitting on a hanger.

What are your five pieces? Now look at them and see what it is about them that makes you pass them over? Does it show off pet hair? Is it too tight? Does it make you itch? Does it not fit anymore? Is it a bad shade on you?

Think about your Lifestyle

Do the things in your closet reflect your lifestyle? What do you spend most of your time doing? I remember the year I came to stay at home with my little baby. Everything in my closet was office wear, and I often was frustrated and blamed it on my changing body. That was the same year I did the capsule wardrobe challenge myself for the first time. Taking a second to analyze my wardrobe needs was VITAL. I started working to fill my closet with durable, washable pieces that made me feel pretty, and allowed me to care for my baby.

Do You have Personal Style Words?

I’m a bit of a follower sometimes. I see my best friend wear something and she looks amazing, so I want to buy it too. This filled my closet with things that weren’t really my style and didn’t look particularly great on me. When I sat down to write my list of style aspirations I found it much easier to stay in my own lane when it came to my personal fashion choices! If you download my Capsule Wardrobe Worksheet I included a bunch of style words to get your started!!

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