7 Favorite Finds for Friday: Winter

Today I kicked off something I hope to make at least a monthly practice. I want to share with you some things that have been my favorite and why. Hopefully. this will allow you to make enjoy them, and also to share with me that you already love.

My sister gave me a sample tube of Buxom lip gloss. It was one of those times a sample paid for itself. I’ll probably never be with out a tube of it again. It’s one of those perfect polish pieces for a minimalist make-up, or no make-up look. It adds just enough with out being too much. I love the coral color options the best!

Biore is the face wash I’m currently using. I love that it has peppermint in it. It is fantastically fresh for winter and cooling for summer! You can buy it at any drug store.

A bit of a turn to the personal… I love my Lunette Menstrual Cup. It is a replacement for pads and tampons. It is so much more comfortable and mess free than either of those options. There is a bit of a learning curve to get it in and out (think first month or two.), but is a great sustainable living option. Don’t be fooled it isn’t a sacrifice by any means. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

A follow up to this one is an Instagram account that talks about women’s cycles and how it is associated with energy levels, good diet practices, and mental health. I don’t necessarily agree with everything she supports (i.e. tarot cards and such), but she makes it really easy to understand how much our bodies change in the course of a cycle. You can find her account here.

I’ve used this journal for the last four years. I am so excited and sad that this is last year! To me the last year of a five year journal is the best. There are so many memories to look back on and enjoy. The first year of this journal was the year I became a stay at home mom. That’s a lot of beautiful, everyday moments in one little volume!

I have been using Jamberry Nail Wraps for about 3 years now. They last as long as a professional manicure (10-14 days). They come in hundreds of patterns and several different kinds of finishes. They are thicker and more durable than the nail polish strips you can buy at the drug store. I’ve also tried salon quality versions that a friend with a beauty license purchased and mine chipped as fast as nail polish. (I feel like it can be hard sometimes to know who to trust with multi-level marketing products, so I included a link above to the lady I have gotten mine from.)

My final favorite thing is a personality profiling book called The Road Back to You. It’s already helping my husband and I understand one another. Several of my sister in laws love it too, so at this point the whole family has taken the test and several of us have read the book. I think it’s already helping us to treat each other with more understanding and grace. I am hoping to do an entire post as a review for this one, because one paragraph really isn’t enough.

Hope you’ve found some new favorite things. Feel free to share your own in the comments.

*The Amazon associate links, included where appropriate, will provide me with a commission of a couple dollars, if purchases are made. 

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  1. Since I live in a relatively low social media stone age home, I did not know about such things as a menstrual cup. I clicked on the link you provided and I must say I’m fascinated by such a thing. So many questions have popped up in my mind regarding these devices. I must applaud you for bravely reviewing this on your first favorite things list.
    Also, I do like the list of products as well as the why behind them. It’s always hard to trust anything generated on the internet as far as reviews go. Nice to hear reviews from a trusted source that actually uses them. Bravo.

    1. Haha brave or maybe a little crazy. I really do love it. I really think every woman should have the chance to try the Lunette! It changed my period. We can chat about it next time I see you. There are several brands, but from what I’ve heard this is the softest and most comfortable one. I’m pretty comfortable with my body though, so that probably ties into my willingness to give it a shot.