The Best “Instagram Worthy” Products we LOVE

In the last two years, there have been so many amazing products that I have featured on my personal Instagram page. This directory is long overdue, because I know these are all things you’re going to love as well.

(Visit here to learn why I am very careful with purchases — gentle minimalism is how I roll) …

Everything I choose to include in my feed is things I would be excited to hear that my best friend purchased. To me, it’s always a little scary to say “yes” to a new company because I have been sent products that I couldn’t honestly feature and breaking the news that I need to send the product back makes me really uncomfortable. These are the items that have passed my “glowing colors” standard (companies have been omitted).

I have purchased a product I saw on recommended on Instagram that ended up being awful. The person I purchased because of hadn’t disclosed it as an ad or gifted, and I thought she genuinely loved it. When it arrived the material was flimsy and cheaply put together, and it cost more than I usually would have paid for that kind of product. I never want that to be our experience.

If you ever have a bad experience with a product or company I recommend. PLEASE let me know! I want to update the information I have listed.

These don’t include products that I have dedicated other posts to. You can find some but not all of those HERE. Those are a mix of things I’ve bought my self, samples, and things friends have purchased for me.

Products for the Boys

Our Favorite Rain boots – London Littles
Tent from Little Dove
Basal Baby Organic Cotton Bodysuits and Pants
Hello Spud Crib Rail and Sheets
Muslin Swaddle Wrap
Kinder Capsule Overalls
Mini + Meep – Organic Cotton Bodysuit
Parenting + Children London – Bamboo Towel
Canvas House Designs – Romper
Beaming Amber Sun – Necklace
The Boy Box – Subscription Clothes

Things I love for me!!

Wire Head band – End of her Rope
Modest Shoppin’ Dresses
Monkey and Bear Shop – Necklace
Jord Watch
Pink Blush – Favorite PJ pants

If you are a minimalist or are shopping for one check out these gift guides — one for Mother’s Day and one featuring our favorite local shops in OKC area! Plus, visit this post with 6 excellent book recommendations!

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