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Minimalist Mother’s Gift Guide

Have you wished for a Minimalist Mother’s Gift Guide? Do you have a minimalist in your life that is super hard to shop for? You want to respect their care not to over clutter their homes, but you also want to show them love!

Here are some minimalist approved gift ideas to help you shop for the minimalist mom?

Loofah Bar Soap Saver

A lot of low waste minimalists are switching back to bar soap. It doesn’t come in plastic bottles like liquid soap and lasts much longer. The problem with it can be the puddles of residue that it leaves on whatever ledge it’s left on… enter the Loofah Soap Saver!!

You insert your bar of soap into this loofah and it allows it to dry out with out leaving scum everywhere. It also creates a better lather and keeps the bar of soap from flying out of your hand as often (spoken from experience!) It’s super cheap, so you could pair it with some fizzy bath bombs, or their amazing lotion bars! Just be sure you know what kind of scents they like, because there is nothing worse than being gifted lotion that you hate the smell of.

Cleaning Service

I’m not sure why I’ve never thought to suggest this to my husband before, but this is what I want more than anything this mother’s day!! Someone else to come deep clean my home! (the one linked is from a local non-profit)

A Night Away

Traditionally my husband has booked a hotel room as my Mother’s Day gift. I leave Friday night and come back Saturday night. While away I can have a bed to myself, and no chances that anyone will wake me up!! Or maybe try it with a couple friends!!


It’s safe to say that a huge chunk of minimalists love plants! This may or may not be true of the one you know, so be intuitive. But things especially to plant outside that will be enjoyed year after year is awesome. Or it’s at the beginning of gardening season, a collection of potted herbs would be a ton of fun!

If you’re unsure what kind to get, then just start them talking about their garden it should become clear really quickly!

Car Detailing

Good gosh the mini van gets gnarly fast!! Treat the mom in your life to a car make over that she doesn’t have to make happen!! There is seriously nothing better than hopping into a car you didn’t have to clean!


Audible for the book lover

Gym Membership for the fit mom

Writing course for the blogger

Yoga classes

Meal Subscriptions

Final Hints

Try to think of gifts that won’t add stuff to their life, or may even take things off of their plate. Minimalists often spend days researching what they want to bring into their home, so dumping something on them may be overwhelming and/or re-gifted!!

Take hints from their hobbies. Buying gifts for people who have it all doesn’t have be overwhelming or crazy expensive!! I hope this minimalist Mother’s Day gift guide got your creative juices flowing

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  1. A older, wiser mom friend gets her van detailed for her birthday about every other year – I totally stolen that idea. Worth every penny!