5 Essentials for Self Care

Do you find you forget to take care of yourself?

Long ago, I found a list for how to do “self-care” for mothers in a book. I often need to assess if I am keeping my own “joy cup” full. Whenever I feel depressed or glum, I look over this list to figure out where the leak is in my “joy hose”. I wish I could remember where I got the outline for this idea, but sadly the book I was reading when I was inspired, has long since passed from memory. The notes I recorded in my Hope Cards Journal though I have stayed with me for several years now, and I turn back to them whenever life seems more than I can handle. 

(Here are four verses I have written on my Hope Cards).

Here are my personal notes on how to do self-care:

  1. Am I going to bed early enough?

    As I mother, I know better than to hope that I will be able to sleep in, but life does look better when I’ve had enough sleep. Though I hate to go to bed, just as the house becomes quite and I get “me time” sometimes the best thing I can do for myself is to hit the sheets early. After Cedric was born I was going to bed at 7:30 it sure did make that postpartum time easier.

  2.  Am I in God’s Word?

    When I get busy, sadly, this is usually the first thing to go. There are many times I legitimately don’t have time to study though. When I don’t have time, I’ve created a “Morning Worship Playlist” on Spotify. It feeds my heart in a pinch. I also have been known to listen to audio recordings of the Bible too.

    (Here are 7 encouraging books that may also bless you!)
  3. Have I been alone too long?

    My mama always used to say, “To have a friend you must be a friend. Never wait for someone else to initiate a friendship.” This has worked beautifully for me. It’s amazing how many other people are just waiting for someone else to ask them on a playdate.

    Here’s a post about prioritizing friendships – they are so important!
  4. Am I exercising and getting sunshine?

    I didn’t give this one enough credit until the last couple of months. I was so low energy after Cedric’s birth. Finally, I started working out this last March and I have so much more energy. It seems backward, but somehow it works.

  5. Have I invested in my own joy?

    The things that bring me joy are things like lighting my favorite candle, having a cup of Creme Brulee tea, listening to a playlist, putting on perfume, getting dressed in real clothes (goodbye yoga pants), or picking up my camera and seeking something beautiful.

I know that can’t be an exhaustive list, but so far it’s what I’ve found that works for me. That being said, I’m always looking for more ideas.

What do you do to fill your “joy tank”?

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