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In my opinion, it is important for women to track their cycle, not just their period, but their ovulation dates, luteal phase, and menstruation. I had always done cycle tracking manually, but this last month I started using the Ava bracelet, here is why.

(I also think living in touch with the 4 seasons of female cycle is so important!)

Why Track your Cycle?

In my early twenties, I started researching female fertility and how it was connected to the basal body temperature. I became obsessed with the other body indicators and started tracking it all with a free app and a thermometer.  I was surprised by how accurately it predicted my energy levels, productivity, and moods. This lead to my tiny obsession and to reading several books on the topic. Most books on female cycles were geared toward family planning, but I was never really comfortable free falling into that world. It did eventually help us to quickly conceive Keaton and Cedric and also helped me to track the ebbs and flow of my postpartum symptoms after both of them. I’ve also chatted with friends and helped them figure out their cycles and ovulation dates. These conversations resulted in at least one additional pregnancy with a friend who had been trying over a year.

In order for you to get an accurate manual basal body reading you have to take your temperature with a basal thermometer as soon as you wake-up. You also have to take the temperature at the exact same time every day. As you can imagine having two kids and trying to pull that off is a bit like asking for a daily miracle. Eventually, no matter how helpful, I gave up keeping track. It is just too much to try to manage.

Addition Tracking Benefits

I read a theory that talked about how our cycles as women can affect not only your moods but productivity. (in this post I tell you were to find that information). Pre-ovulation is an amazing time for your productivity and creativity. Ovulation week the body energy tends to focus on social situations. The period week is a time of rest and introversion. Not going to lie, when I first read that I was a bit skeptical, but have since become convinced that it is true at least for me. It really helps me know when to plan projects and our social calendar. Having this information helps me to understand why I would get so excited to plan a bunch of stuff during ovulation. This leads me to later curse myself when I have to follow through two weeks later. Now I work hard to plan around my cycle preferences. Joseph thanks me for this.

Why I chose the Ava Bracelet

I’ve had several friends who love technology-based cycle tracking and I decided I wanted to give it a shot. When I started researching different brands Ava’s technology just seemed to make the most sense. All I had to do was wear the Ava bracelet overnight. I wouldn’t have to do anything manually, and it looked very comfortable. Less than a month ago I decided to reach out to Ava Women and see if they would be interested in partnering. When their marketing team reached out in return I literally screamed with excitement. I will not confirm or deny if dancing in the living room happened. Either way, I’m now back to knowing my body rhythms.

My Opinion of the Ava Bracelet so Far

I’ve used the Ava Bracelet for a little over two weeks now. All I have to do is put it on before bed and sync it up anytime the next day. I store it with my toothbrush, so I won’t forget to put it on (just a little life hack there for ya). Ava does all the calculations for me, so I don’t have to input any additional data unless I want to. Ava is more accurate than what I was doing before because it also includes my resting pulse rate and breathing rate, which are also indicators of fertility, but without a device, you wear all night there is no way to track it. The Ava Bracelet detects the 5 most fertile days of your cycle with an 89% accuracy for those trying to conceive. It‘s can double your chances of conceiving each cycle. We are not quite ready to try for another baby yet, but when that happens I’ll let you know how well Ava helps us get there when the time is right.

If you want to try Ava for yourself, I have the coupon code SUNSHINE for you. This will give you $20 off your first order at avawomen.com.

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