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Things to do on Someone’s Birthday

For years I’ve wanted a list of things to do on someone’s birthday. The special day of someone I love would sneak up on me and then it would pass. I would kick myself for missing it, but do nothing to actually improve or make changes. This past year I’ve done a series of interviews with women who are good at birthdays, and I’ve come up with a PLAN!!!

First Create a Plan

  • Write down all the birthdays I want to celebrate at the beginning of the year
    • Write the name on the day
    • Plan what you want to do for that person ahead
    • Write down that thing as a to-do item the week before
  • Buy a bunch of cards (you will be proud to send) ahead of time and keep them in your desk
  • Buy a couple gift cards to coffee shops as emergency plans incase a birthday sneaks up on you.

(if you enjoy birth stories you can read Keller’s and Cedric’s here!)

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Ideas to Get you Started

  • Take her out for coffee or lunch
  • Card with a note (anything more than just signing your name)
  • Hand make your card
  • Set an alarm to send a text right away.
  • You could email a Starbucks card for her birthday coffee first thing in the morning.
  • Offer to watch her kids for the morning
  • Buy flowers and chocolate and drop it off on the day!
  • Use Amazon with free shipping to send gifts to friends far away! You can send a personal card separately or just include a note in the section Amazon allows for.
  • Homemade Mason jar soups or cookies.
  • A book full of encouragement (here are 7 of my favorite books for Christian women)
  • People tend to like to pick the things they keep forever. (this is the part I always got hung up on). So my plan is to buy consumables!
  • Coffee and homemade marshmallows (you can buy those locally)Loose Leaf Tea
  • Pampering package (face masks, foot scrub, chapstick) I’ve found some of my new favorite products this way.
  • Native plants to put in the garden
  • Art Materials (I love Tombow markers, sketch paper, water color pencils, my favorite pens)
  • Baked Goods
  • Chocolate bombs

(if your friend is a minimalist this gift list might be helpful!)

Friends are so precious and when we become adults we so often forget to celebrate those people we love. I hope this helps you like it did me to remember the birthdays you want to celebrate, and joyfully give!

If you found this helpful, check out my Hope Cards!

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