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Kid’s Bible Study

When I first started having kids I had no idea how hard it would be to find kid’s Bible study resources. There were quite a few kids Bible books, but nothing much interactive. And It was even harder to find things they could do for themselves. It’s important to establish habits young, and even if it isn’t really involved those little drops add up to a faith that lasts into adulthood.

I’ve been on the hunt for a couple of years now and this is what I have found for my own children. I hope to continue to add to this list in the coming years, to make it even more comprehensive.

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I have found the best way to do interactive Bible study with pre-readers is to provide illustrations of the Bible stories they are reading. I have found a few different resources for things like this.

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Beginning Reader and Writer

  • Write the Word on My Heart – their main product is a writing curriculum that gives a verse to write out every day. At the end of each week is a coloring picture.
  • Who Created It – Is a beginning inductive Bible study resource for beginners. I wish they had more, but so far I’ve only found Genesis.

Chapter book – Established writer

  • What to Wear – This is a kid’s Bible study on Colossians 3:1-14. It has a passage to read and questions to answer. Then it has manageable bits of teaching around those two main things. This seems doable for 8-year-olds that write well – 12ish.
  • God Is For Us: A Kids Bible Study on Belonging to Christ – This is part of the same series as “What to Wear. It’s a study on Romans 8. I love the way this series is laid out.
  • Read Kaleidoscope – is a children’s Bible company looking to bridge the gap between baby Bibles and the Bible in its complete form. They are written for kids who are reading chapter books. The goal is to educate kids on what is in the whole Bible rather than fragments of it. Some of their books have accompanying workbooks.
  • Come Home – This is a young teen girl’s study on the good news that is that there is a remedy for our homesickness.


Those are the best kid’s Bible study resources I have found. Of course, kids learn best from examples. If you’re looking for some Bible study resources, I’ve listed some of the best I’ve found here!! Or if you’re wanting to read to your kids these are my favorites!

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