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Favorite Christmas Books

For 2022 we read over 50 new Christmas books to pick our top favorite Christmas books of all time! I had several people message and ask what our favorite Christmas books were. I had a smattering of Christmas books I had collected, but none of them were really favorites. Other than a glance through each year, we really only read a few of them, and none of them were read yearly.

My motto has become “What books do I want to buy so that I’ll love reading them over and over even to my grandkids.” I have lists of other books that make that cut, and now I have the seeds that will grow the Christmas books of our future stash! I do have several more new titles I want to read next year, but these are the ones I am most excited to come back to next year and the years after!

(Here is a list of our favorite faith-based picture books!)

To start off with, I gathered nearly 100 books from some of my own favorite book recommendation blogs. I then started searching to see what was available at the library! Each of these is a clickable link to Amazon, or you can go to the bottom to get a printable list, or the list we were working from.

The Christmas Book Tournament

I decided the best way to vote on these was to do a March Madness-style Christmas Book Tournament. We would read two books every day and then the kids and I would vote on them. We made our way through two tournaments and determined these deserved a place on the favorites list. (This activity works even if you’re like us and enjoy a gentle minimalism at Christmas!)

Here were our winners!

My Favorite Christmas Books

As an FYI the only two favorites with Santa were “Stickman” and “The Christmas Boot”. Even in those, he is a character rather than the heart of the story. Christmas is meant to be treasured and each book recommendation helps enrich the season.

The List we Worked From

Here is a printable you can use for your own Christmas Book Tournament!

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