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Our Best Books Index

This is my personal best books index. The other day a friend shared a thought that hasn’t left me. She said she made a list of books to replace their library if their house ever burnt down. I have not stopped thinking about it since and so I want to make a series of these lists. These are the books I want to keep reading to our kids and introduce them to Keller. These are the books to survive downsizing because I want to read them to my grandchildren!

I am going to divide this list into several posts, so you can just go to whichever list makes sense for your stage of life.

The Best Books Index

I’m sure this Best Books Index will grow, as our kids grow and I am introduced to new books, and as they come to new stages. A lot of titles you will recognize because they are old and well known. My goal on these lists isn’t to be original but rather to give a clear list of our absolute favorites no matter how known they are.

I’m setting it up this way because often the books I choose to buy are books that I see on list after list of women I respect. I want to add my voice to the chorus of mothers that originally recommended these to our little family.

If you have a moment, I would love for you to drop your favorite books in the comments as well. I am always looking for new recommendations for our family, and I’m sure other mothers would love to see votes for different books as well! So please tell me your favorite books, or vote on ones from my lists!

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