Valentine’s Day Picture Books

I always find it a little weird when kid’s Valentine’s Day picture books are romantic love-themed. I have been scouring the internet looking for valentine’s day picture books to share with my kids that are cute, fun, and inspire them toward love for one another. Some of these I own, but others I borrow from the library!

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Usually the month before a holiday I put holds on all the books that I want for that holiday, and then keep them for when I need them. Sometimes I have to return one early, but I try to start reading the books that will be in highest demand first, so we have been able to enjoy them by the time they are required to return!

My hope is your kids will walk away from this month of reading with a love for God, family, and the wide variety of people that he will put in their lives as they grow and mature. There are also many books here that are just really fun and will hopefully inspire their creative play, but I’ve starred a few. The books starred are the ones that have more moral lessons. My hope is that the books I expose my kids to help add richness to the adult they will become not just the child they are today. The ideas, lessons, and stories I put before them are part of the life experience they will have for their entire life ahead. Without any further fuss, here is the book list!!

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I need a Hug – Aaron Blabey

This book is about a little porcupine who wants to hug his friends. The friends for obvious reasons are not eager to return his method of affection. A snake wants to kiss the same friends and they don’t want that either, so the porcupine and snake cuddle one another.

I see this book as a great opportunity to talk about what we do when we feel lonely. As a kid, my mom said if you feel left out, look for someone else who also looks like they feel left out and go over to be their friend. This advice has served me well, and I think this book would be a great way to teach that concept.

  • How did the porcupine feel when the other animals ran away?
  • Did he get angry and treat the snake badly?
  • How did the snake and the porcupine find a friend?
*Image Bearer – Ellie Sanazaro & Madison Kay

This is an independently published book, but EXCELLENT as a resource. This book is about the different kind of disabilities that kids face. Rather than focusing on what the kids cant do, this book focuses on the fact that these children are made in the image of God, and have value because he loves them.

At the end of this book, there are photos of the kids the characters are inspired by. My kids and I LOVED going back and matching the child to the characters. During that time we talked about the challenges each child faced, and how precious each one is.

*Caterina and the Lemonade stand – Erin Eitter Kono

Caterina wants to buy a scooter. She finds an idea, works hard and earns the money for the scooter. In the end, it is revealed that she is buying the scooter for her little brother. All that work and love was for him.

  • What did Caterina do when she wanted something?
  • How long do you think it took Caterina to come up with the idea and to earn enough money?
  • How do you think Leo felt when Caterina gave him the scooter?
*You are Special – Max Lucado

This book is about choosing how the opinions of others will affect you. I think in order for this message to strike home the questions and conversation are key. I also think the application needs to be carried out a little further. Punchinello has value because he is made in the image of God. He has his own beautiful purpose that perhaps the other Wemmicks can not see.

  • When is a time you have felt that others were unkind or have given you “dots” with their words?
  • Have you ever given someone a “dot” with your words?
  • What is a way you can help others to see their value to God?
*Where Happiness Lives – Barry Timmy

The illustrations in this book are really beautiful it has cut-out pages too. A mouse lives in a little house and wants one that is bigger, but when he meets the mouse that lives there it is revealed that the mouse has a telescope watching the small house because he wants a house full of love.

This is a great example of how you can always find someone who has more than you and less than you. More important than having the most is having people who love you and to know how to show love to others.

The day it rained Hearts – Felicia Bond

This is a cute little book about making Valentines for others. It casts the vision for how fun it can be for someone to receive a Valentine. Some questions to ask might be…

  • Cornelia August made a lot of valentines’s do you think it was easy?
  • If Cornelia Augusta made a valentine for you, what do you think it would look like?
  • What would your valentine for (name of a friend) look like?
  • Would you like to make some valentines for your friends?

Next up on our Valentine’s Day Picture book reading list

  • The biggest Valentine ever – Steven Kroll
  • Elmore – Holly Hobbie
  • You are my Happy – Hoda Kotb
  • Somebody Loves you Mr. Hatch – Eileen Spinelli
  • Me and Mama – Cozbi A Cabrera

If you are too late to get these Valentine’s Day picture books from the library, be sure to go to this St. Patrick’s Day picture book list and order them all to have them ready in time for March!!

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