3 Things to Get You in the Mood for Autumn

It takes a while for Oklahoma breezes to turn cool and the mood for autumn to immerge, so I usually miss half the season before it hits me that it has arrived. The goal of this post immerse me into those cool autumn feelings, so I can enjoy my favorite season longer.

Every year about this time I sit down and create our autumn bucket list. This list is not complicated, but instead brings together all my favorite things about the season, so I don’t miss a single one.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Autumn Recipies

Food is a big part of our Autumn Celebrations!! The taste of autumn is real in our home. There’s nothing that speaks warmth more than the smell of baking spices and vanilla. I think my favorite part of autumn is the way that it brings people together to celebrate and build relationships. Here are our favorite gathering foods for autumn. (Plus, freezer meals are perfect for this cozy time).

Pumpkin Bread – I have a box mix cake recipe that is a “Go-To” for us in the autumn! It’s easy, delicious, and I bake it as a sheet cake, but more often in cupcake/muffin form to serve at playdates all week long.

Pumpkin Spice Latte (I know, oh so basic) but I live on them from now until December. I add a large tablespoon of pumpkin to my coffee with it, so I tell myself that it’s my healthiest time of the year because I drink vegetable with my coffee every day for the season.

Caramel Popcorn – My family has a recipe that you mix together in a large brown bag. We used to make it every fall when we would go to watch the balloon glow. Those are some of my sweetest memories of childhood.

Spiced Apple Cider we don’t drink often, but our favorite thing to do while camping in chilly autumn air is to add some Fireball to our Cider. It is warm cozy during long late-night talks around the campfire.

Pumpkin Dip – I made a recipe last year and lost it. So if you have a good recipe for this please send it to me, because I need this in my life again.

Apple Crisp – Growing up we had an orchard. There were more apples than we knew what to do with, so apple crisp was the dessert we took to every celebration. I don’t make it as often as my parents used to but I need it to happen at least once every time autumn rolls around.

Pot of Chili with home-roasted croutons.

Kids at the State Fair

Mood for Autumn Activities

After a long hot Oklahoma summer by autumn, we are eager to rush back out into the fresh air. Windows open wide welcoming the newly cooled air. Hikes at our favorite parks, and so many picnics.

Visit the State Fair – I wrote a whole post on why it is a must for us.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch – Preferably early in the season. We made the mistake of going late one year and the hay bales were so squished and everything was so trampled.  

Camping with the kids and alone. Our favorite local place to camp is down in the Wichita Mountains. The hiking trails are amazing and the views from the top of the mountains are more incredible than I would have expected. The surrounding land is so flat it seems like you’re a lot higher up than it appears from the bottom. Here are our favorite camping meal recipes!

Halloween Costume for toddler

Mood for Autumn Décor Items

We are gentle minimalists, which means I don’t buy and store a lot of seasonal decor, but there are a few ways I keep our life festive without taking on baggage.

I buy a couple of baby pumpkins add to my table centerpiece, and a big pumpkin by the front door.

I also add a sweater by the front door to grab as I run out and also to switch up the seasonal color.

Plant our Mums and the fall garden so there’s a bit of new green with the older plants that have started to decline.

(Plus, if you’re in the OKC area checkout these field trip ideas!)

If you found this helpful, check out my Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable!

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