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OKC Homeschool Co-op Directory

This is the OKC Homeschool Co-op Directory last updated Fall 2022. I have done my best to collect information and links for every group. First are mostly Oklahoma City proper groups. Below is a list of metro locations, and surrounding areas. I’ve been homeschooling in OKC for 3 years, and this is the list that I’ve wished for! Sorry I couldn’t include more than the OKC metro at this time.

If you see errors or know of updates, please let me know and I’m happy to update the list. (the best way to reach me is my Instagram inbox! I’ve linked it below!

Good Luck and Happy Homeschooling! And if you need encouragement along the way come find me on Instagram! We have a lot of fun and are always up to something new in the city! I heartily encourage mom’s finding community!

(Plus, enjoy this great list of field trips to do in Oklahoma City or browse our OKC downtown bucket list!)

OKC Homeschool Co-op Directory

Beacon (all websites are linked in title)

Is a Christian-based Hybrid School that meets Monday – Thursday. They have grades K- 12 and use the Good and the Beautiful as their core curriculum. (If you have contact info please reach out)

Becky Taylor Zajac

Is a drop-off in-home school that meets on Thursday to learn Anatomy. 2022 is the last year that they will be meeting. For more information call Becky at 405-837-0294.

Central Oklahoma Community

(If you have any info please reach out)

Christian Fellowship Homeschool Co-op

Is a Christian homeschool group that meets on Monday from 8-3 pm in the OKC Area, Application Period for Enrollment is Dec. 1 to Jan. 31st. For more information contact ContactCFHC@fellowshipcoop.com 

Cimarron School of Living Education

Is a Christian-based Charlotte Mason blended model school. They meet Tuesday and Thursday from 10-3:30. For more information email admin@cimarronlivingeducation.com or call 325-513-4018.

Classical Conversations

Is a national Classical Christian education program. Groups meet around the city on different days and times. Click the link above to find a group near you.


Is the Alliance of Christian Homeschoolers/Coach Academic Classes. COACH offers home-extension classes for Norman/Moore and the surrounding areas. A wide variety of Junior High and Senior High courses are available. Classes are taught by certified, degreed, and/or long-term teachers. For more information email schwartz.amie4@gmail.com.

Connect Co-op

Is a Christian co-op that meets at Council Road Baptist Church in Bethany on Mondays from 9:30 to 12:30. THey do both math and reading enrichment. Ages range from Pre-k to 7th grade. For more information email connectcoopabc123@gmail.com.

Creative Music Academy

Black Christian-based Reading, English Math, and Music drop-off program. Elementary meets on Mon and Wed Secondary on Tue and Thur. For more information contact Ann (405) 252-0260 creativemusicacademyinc@gmail.com

Echo Homeschool Extention

ECHO is a K-12 on Tuesday, high school on Thursdays group that meets in Midwest City. For more information call C.J. Powell with your questions at ceceliajanepowell@yahoo.com or 405-388-0366

Excel in OKC  

Middle school and High school level classes that meet at Heritage Baptist Church for more information contact Jene at 405-517-0600 or email admin@excelnwokc.com

Free Spirit – Nature Exploration

Is a social group that meets in Hafer Park on Thursday at 10 am. All ages are welcome. More info on their Facebook page. (If you have contact information, please reach out!)


I couldn’t find much information on this co-op. It seems there may be more info on it on Facebook, but I couldn’t find it. (If you have contact information, please reach out!)

Hop Co-op

is a Social-only co-op that meets for field trips every Friday mostly 1 – 3 pm. They will also have mom’s night out quarterly and teen nights probably twice a month also. For more info contact hopcoop2@gmail.com

KEY Christian Home Educators Network.

Enrichment co-op on Tinker AFB. Meets on Thursdays from 12-4 pm. For more information please email keychristianhomeeducators@gmail.com

LIGHT Homeschool Support Group

This core and enrichment co-op meets on Fridays from 9-12 pm. They are Christian and help families move away from government-supported systems and do not allow families from Epic to join their group. For more information info@lighthomeschool.org


Not SERVING STUDENTS 2022-2023 Is based in Bethany and serves middle school and high school students. Seems maybe to be closed because the website hasn’t been updated and the phone number is out of service. (If you have contact info please reach out)

M.A.T.H. Academy

Stands for “Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen” It is located in Central Edmond. It is faith-based and meets Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-4:30. They are hybrid school offering classes in person three days a week and learning at home two days a week. For more information call Missy Wade at (405) 699-1715 or email mathacademyok@gmail.com

Nature Field Creative Academy

Our homeschool Enrichment Classes are taught by experienced educators who are also homeschool parents. Classes are offered 1 to 2 times per week. Classes are taught by Christians, but learning is not faith-based. They provide hands-on learning experiences for cooking, science, nature exploration, and more! Early Ed 9:00am to 12:00pm. Upper Ed 12:30pm to 3:30pm. For more info email Naturefieldcreativeacademy@gmail.com

OK Christian Co-op

Is a Christian co-op that meets in Bethany. Class time is Wednesday 9:30-12:30 and is comprised exclusively of enrichment studies! (If you have contact info please reach out)

Oklahoma Adventure Kids

Is a social co-op. (If you have more info please reach out)

Oklahoma City Homeschool Association

Is a secular, supplemental co-op for ages 4-14 that meets Thursdays from 10-2. 100/semester with discounts for additional students and teaching, Epic vendor. For more information please email okcmetrohomeschoolcoop@gmail.com


Is a classical co-op, but I have no additional information. (If you have more info please reach out)

Revise Collective Micro-school

Is a secular Edmond micro-school. They have full time Academy, part time study lounge, tutoring, and classes. Classes include Spanish on Mondays and Space Club (STEM) on Thursdays. They meet Monday- Friday from 9-3:30 pm. For more information please call 405.920.7456 or email Info@ReviseCollective.com


Redbud Farm School cultivates academic excellence and spiritual development while stepping outside of the traditional classroom setting. For more information contact Erin at 405.885.2777 or email Erin@RedbudFarmSchool.com


Meets at Fairview Baptist Church on Wednesdays and we meet for 24 SHINE Wednesdays.  We also have field trips and other social activities throughout the year at other locations. They are a Christian co-op. For more information contact shinesupportgroup@gmail.com

St. Sophia Classical Academy

Is a Hybrid Classical school that meets on Tuesday and Thursday. They include grades pre-k – 6th grade. In traditional classrooms, students are gently led by an experienced, loving teacher into greater and deeper knowledge. For more information call 405-701-6887

Summit Christian

Is located in Edmond and is a Christian hybrid school that meets on Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 – 3:20. They are a project-based, active learning program that offers a full-time elementary and a-la-carte secondary school. For more information please email julie@summitchristianschoolok.com.

T.A.C 226

Is located in East Edmond. They are a Christian co-op. I have no additional information. (If you have more info please reach out)


Is a Christian Homeschool Extention for grades 4-12th. They meet on Wednesday and Thurs and operate as a drop-off co-op. For more information call 405-771-6363 or email ClassroomCollectiveOK@gmail.com


Children today spend half the time playing outside compared to their parents. It is a national program with local chapters. Please visit their page for more information.

Trail Blazers Homeschool Association

Trailblazers Homeschool Association is located in Moore. They are a Christian co-op that meets on Friday from 9:45- 12:15. They offer PE and electives. For more info, a contact email is trailblazers1234@yahoo.com 

Wild + Free

Is a national co-op program that helps get kids and their families outside. For more info or to find a group near you please visit their webpage.

Wonder Nature School

Is a Charlotte Mason group. (If you have more info please reach out)

Claremore Homeschool Co-op Directory

Finn Dunder co-op

Is located in Claremore for the purpose of homeschool and playdates. (If you have contact info please reach out)

Choctaw Homeschool Co-op Directory

Grace Community Co-op
GCHC meets from 8:30-1:00 each Tuesday. It is an all-inclusive co-op with core classes. For more information call (405) 229-0657

Choctaw Community Homeschool

Is located in the Choctaw/MWC area. They meet on Meets on Monday 8:45- 3:55. For more information please email cchchomeschool@gmail.com

Coyle Homeschool Co-op Directory

Prairie Wood Forest School

Meets in Coyle on Thursday and Friday. They offer year-round Forest School classes for ages 2-17. For more information LoriAnn@stfrancisofthewoods.org with any questions!

Duncan Homeschool Co-op Directory

TRAIN Academics

Is a christian homeschool co-op in Duncan, OK. To contact please use the form on their website.

Edmond – OKC Homeschool Co-op Directory

Busy Beetle Science

Is a drop-off science homeschool co-op that has specialized classes. For more information email rpace2003@gmail.com


Is a drop-off program that meets Wednesdays in Edmond. (If you have more info please reach out)


Faith-based K-12 drop-off program that meets in central Edmond on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 – 12 pm. For more information contact them using the embedded form on their website linked above.

Edmond Christian Teen Social Group

Is a social Christian co-op that meets periodically. For more information contact connectcoopabc123@gmail.com or call (580) 716-2282.

Edmond Learning Academy

Seems to be secular homeschool support. They can only be contacted via their website communication form. (If you have more info please reach out)

EHS Teen Meet up

Meets social in Edmond. (If you have contact info please reach out)

Firmly Planted Families

Is a pre-K through 12th Christian program that meets in Edmond on Friday. For more information email fpfamilies@Gmail.com

Foundations Academy

Is an in-home classical education program located in Edmond, OK, and is open to k – 8th-grade students. We offer affordable 3-day and 5-day/week options with small class sizes and a special learning environment! Contact Emily at (817) 629-0938 or email emilyrosemcleod82@gmail.com


Stands for “God leading our way”. This northwest Edmond co-op meets on Tuesdays from 9 am-4 pm. For more information please email glowhomeschoolfamily@gmail.com


Meets in central Edmond on Tuesday from 8:30-3 pm. It includes all ages. For more information email keystonecoopokc@gmail.com

Oaks Homeschool Group

Is a traditional model Christian co-op that meets on Monday in Edmond. For more information email oakshomeschoolgroup@gmail.com

The Gentle + Classical Preschool

Is a faith-based, in-home, classical preschool. They meet on Wednesday mornings and have a six family attendance cap. May 31st is the committal deadline. Contact Tasha Tindall at mrstashatindall@gmail.com.

The Little Village of Edmond

Is a social group that meets on Wednesdays. (If you have more info please reach out)

Guthrie Homeschool Co-op Directory

Guthrie Homeschool Friends

Is a social group that meets on various days for park days and bookclubs. They often meet on Fridays. (If you have more info please reach out)


Meets Thursdays in Guthrie. (If you have more info please reach out)

Lakeview Christian Academy

Is a Classical hybrid school that meets every Monday and Wednesday from 8:15 – 3:30 pm. There is also an option to attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15 – 3:30 pm. Please call our office at Lakeview Baptist Church in Guthrie for more details. Tel. 405-282-0987


Is located in South Guthrie. Soar is comprised of Christian homeschooling families and meets every Friday at Community Church located at I-35 and Seward Road. For more information email soarhomeschoolcoop@gmail.com

Meeker Homeschool Co-op Directory


Ages 5-11 meet Tuesdays 1-3:30Ages 12+ meet Thursdays 9:30-3. Their goal is to enrich your student’s academic experience while fostering our core values of respect, personal accountability, and teamwork. If you have more questions contact Heather at heathersummers21@yahoo.com or call 405-761-7903.

Mustang Homeschool Co-op Directory

Basecamp Hybrid School

Is a secular one-room school for ages 1- 8th grade. They teach science, social studies, art, and passion projects and meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-3 pm. Basecamp is a highly engaging, learner-led, inquiry-based, active collaboration style of learning. For more information call Brenna Reeves (405) 314-9280 or email basecamphybridschool@gmail.com.

Kingdom Community

Is a Mustang drop-off program that meets on Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-12:30. They are Christian and serve kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade. I’ve heard they have a Facebook, but I couldn’t find it (If you have contact information, please reach out!)

Newcastle Homeschool Co-op Directory


Is located in Newcastle. We have both activities/field trips and a separate co-op. (If you have contact info please reach out)

Taproot Co-op

I have no info on this group. The FB group is private.

Tri-City Impact

Located in Newcastle, this co-op is faith-based and requires a signed statement of faith. For more information please use the website linked in the title to contact.

Norman Homeschool Co-op Directory

Norman Area Home Educators

NAHE was built on a Christian foundation and is welcoming to people from all walks of life. They meet for field trips and activities. For more information contact info@normanhomeschool.org

Living Stones

Is a Christian co-op that meets on Friday. For more information or to contact visit https://www.livingstonesco-op.org/ 

Purcell Homeschool Co-op Directory

Purcell Homeschool Association

Is a Christian homeschool association. They are a drop-off co-op that meets on Monday and Wednesday from 8:15-2:30 pm. For more information contact Cassie at 405-615-6839

Stillwater Homeschool Co-op Directory

Science at the Park

Located in Stillwater. For more information call Julianna Cardenas Hansen at 405-714-2980 or email joolz33@gmail.com

Stillwater Charlotte Mason Community

Is a fellowship of families in Stillwater, Oklahoma committed to home education and Charlotte Mason’s philosophies. For more information email stillwatercharlottemason@gmail.com

Windermere High School Coalition

Charlotte Mason high school extension of the group above. For more information email stillwatercharlottemason@gmail.com


Meets in Logan County on Thursdays from 9-12:15 pm. For more information email INFO@LCHEOK.ORG

Stroud Homeschool Co-op Directory

Stroud Area Homeschool

Co-op in Stroud. For more information contact Janet Thompson 254-833-0425

Stroud Area Co-op

Meets to learn Sign Language, Arts, Band, Strings, Basic Finance, and much more. Their classes are for kids form preschoo-highschool. Parents are welcome. For more information contact stroudahc@currently.com or call 254-833-0425.

I hope this OKC Homeschool Co-op Directory was helpful. I’ve also linked a spreadsheet that doesn’t include all these co-ops but does include athletic, arts, and misc information.

If you found this OKC Homeschool Co-op Directory helpful you may also enjoy the Oklahoma Homeschool Field Trip Directory!

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  1. The continued growth of homeschool co-ops in the OKC metro area is a blessing!

    ECHO Homeschool Extension has a new webpage: https://www.echohomeschoolok.com
    They have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can enroll for one class or for a full day (or two) of classes. Classes are available for Kindergarten through 12th grade. My oldest has enjoyed his classes there this year!

    I’ve been informed of a new homeschool group that will be starting up at First Baptist Church in Mustang in the fall of 2023. I believe it is called “Grounded Homeschool Classes,” but there is no website set up as of yet.

    We have been part of Christian Fellowship Homeschool Co-op since 2018 and have thoroughly enjoyed the community and support there. CFHC is very organized and structured so it works well for this Type-A mama and my kids that thrive on structure and routine. Our day starts at 8:40am with a morning meeting and classes begin at 9. The last class ends at 2:05, although we do have an optional extension hour that runs until 3. The extension hour is usually reserved for ACT Prep classes in the fall semester. It has been a blessing to be part of CFHC! CFHC is our primary co-op, though my oldest does take a few extra classes at ECHO sporadically as needed. That’s one of the beauties of homeschooling – flexibility!