17 things on our Summer Bucket List

I want to share with out our summer bucket list. Maybe you will join us for some of these activities! You can follow along here, or on Instagram, because I’m sure many of these will have photographic evidence!We are so excited for the warmer weather. We have been living almost every moment of our life out of doors. Our days have been filled with butterfly catching, strawberry picking, harvesting our own peas and lettuce, and feeding the animals at my brother’s farm.

In my opinion a good seasonal bucket list requires these elements: something to eat, something easy to do, something that requires effort, indoor activities, outdoor activities, and mainly things that can only be done in that season.

  1. Make Strawberry Jam- I’m so excited that this one already happened! Its so exciting to know exactly what you’re smearing on your babies toast in the mornings. Plus, we always enjoy our kids’ in the vegetable garden!
  2. Create a summer capsule wardrobe I love. (gah I hope this finally happens, dressing for summer is hard)
  3. Finger Painting or painting with rocks
  4. Finish CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Believe it or not this is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.
  5. Replace the carpet in the guest rooms and paint the trim. (insert your summer project here)
  6. Go camping with the kids – here are our favorite recipes for camping trips!
  7. Go to a Sno cone shack
  8. Visit Chicago – blog post on this coming very soon!
  9. Have a water fight or dance in the sprinklers
  10. Go to the zoo
  11. Make fresh lemonade
  12. Go kayaking
  13. Make our own ice cream and our favorite grilled sourdough pizzas
  14. Do the summer reading program
  15. Get a nice tan … or, on rainy days, read our Summer favorites
  16. I loved outside yoga so much from spring, I’m adding it to my summer list.
  17. Go to a Fourth of July Parade

So there is our list!! What do you hope to do this summer?

Checkout these fun Nature Scavenger Hunt printables!

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  1. Love this post! I hope to get some family pictures taken in a local sunflower field! You’ll have to tell me how outdoor summer yoga does—seems like a natural way to participate in HOT yoga- ha!