Pocket Discipleship

Pocket Discipleship is bits of discipleship spread through a day rather than craming the Bible down your kids throats. We are called to “go and make disciples, ” which often means we take on those closest to us. Who is closer to us than our own kids? However, this doesn’t mean it is time to start a Bible college in your own home and force your kids to sit and study 8 hours a day.

(Because we want children with lasting fruit and character!)

I often make the mistake of talking about discipleship in a formal context when it’s much, much more than that! Our faith needs to be a vibrant exhibition of what is in our hearts pouring out on a daily basis. Here are some examples.

(Here is a post exploring the difference in parenting with a discipleship or discipline mentality)

Here are some ways to teach your kids about the Bible other than sitting and reading it to them. (don’t come at me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t read your kids the Bible, just it should be more than ONLY reading it to them.)

Pray over them at night

We often talk about and remember to pray at meals, but what about a blessing before bed? The most common one I hear people use is from Number 6:24-26, “May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace.” This allows you to work on Scripture memory as well as blessing your little one.

Car Conversations

Some of the best conversations come up in the car and when kids are trying to avoid going to bed. Using these moments as a chance when their little hearts are open is often some of the best times to speak truth to their hearts, and one of the best examples of pocket discipleship I can think of.

Enjoying Creation Together

Psalms 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Over and over in the Bible, it says that when we see nature it allows us to know God better. Taking time to slow down, and understand the natural world better, gives us a better lens through which to love and worship God.

Share a Meal with Others

One of the things we are called to as the church is to care for others. Sometimes this looks like opening your home in hospitality. Other times this looks like taking a meal to someone in need. You’ve heard me say before it is so fun to go back through the New Testiment to see how many times Jesus is eating with people.

Giving to Others

As Christians we are called to think of the needs of others more than ourselves. The calls to giving are over and over through the New Testament. Caring for one another in the church, but also caring for people suffering and hurting generally. Allowing your kids to see you giving both physically and monitarily is an important way for them to see you put meaning in your faith.

Intentional Musical Choices

What we choose to set as the backdrop to our homes makes a difference. There are so many beautiful songs of worship, Bible verses set to song, and deep theology in the words of Christian songs. Again I’m not suggesting you only listen to Christian music, but a little goes a long way when you take some time to be intentional about what you feed into your family’s hearts.

Invitation to Pocket Discipleship

Hope this provided some new ideas for discipleship beyond reading the Bible at night in your home, or encouraging your kids to read the Bible for themselves! If you have additional ideas I’d love for you to drop them in the comments below!

(Here’s 7 ways I bring the Gospel into our everyday life!)

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