Easiest Yogurt Recipe

This is the easiest yogurt recipe that you will ever find… actually if you find one easier let me know, cause I’m all about that life. I want to save money and make our own food, but I don’t have time for things that are fussy and take a lot of time. On my page I also have a super cheap and easy way to make Komucha.

I used to think that yogurt was hard. People started about “warm starts”, “cold starts”, cultures, and such and I was just confused thinking, well I’m never going to do that. Fast forward to finding a 4 ingredient recipe that my family enjoyed and was easy enough my husband could make.

Then I realized I could make yogurt with only two of the ingredients. That way I could also use it for baking and sour cream. That’s the recipe I’m going to show you here!

How to make Yogurt

To make the easiest yogurt recipe you will need an Instapot. They were so popular that I feel like most people had them, but no one really used them. This will fix that problem.

  • 1 gallon of Milk
  • 1 cup of your favorite yogurt in “plain” (mine is Siggis because it has a thick creamy texture.)
  1. Pour the gallon of milk into the Instapot and stir in the cup of yogurt. (You really only need two tablespoons, but I don’t want it to go to waste so I just mix in the whole thing.
  2. Set on the “yogurt” setting. Eight hours will pop up. Hit start and wait 8 hours. You can either put it in a container this way and just eat it if you like thinner yogurt.
  3. If you want thicker yogurt place a flour sack dish towel in a strainer. Set the strainer in a pot and then pour the yogurt into the dishcloth and let it sit in the fridge overnight. This allows the whey to drain out. If you’re a visual learner I made a YouTube tutorial.
  4. When you’re ready to eat it add a tablespoon of your favorite jam, or maple syrup! It’s a cleaner version of “fruit at the bottom”

Other Easier Ways to Engage the Kitchen

Cooking for a family should be easy and healthy. I’ve done what I can to help you cook at home in the simplest way possible. Freezer meals are the easiest way to make that happen. In the summer we love to grill we use these grilling recipes on rotation! If you want something even more low key this is my top favorite meal to throw in the oven.

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